Special Fares for Students, Youths & Teachers

Use our system, 'Runway', to find our fares & contracts dedicated to Students, Youths & Teachers. Build a round the world itinerary & provide a 'Multi-Flex' pass to give your customers more freedom & savings.


The quickest way to find fares & conditions!

Use 'Runway' to see which carriers we can offer, as well as valid fares, booking classes & all T&C's. Build 'Multi-Stop' or 'Round the World' itineraries using a selection of exclusive OW fares.


Unlimited Date Changes for $70!

Most travellers require more than 1 date change during their journey - so why not offer them a Multi-Flex Pass to save them money?  Download the terms & conditions.

Round the world & stopovers

Maximise your customers travel experience

The majority of our airline contracts allow stopovers, which you can combine with one of our stopover packages in 1SOURCE. Creating a 'Round the World' itinerary has never been easier! Fares & conditions in 'Runway'.


How do I issue a SATA ticket?

SATA tickets are easy to issue, you just need to follow some limited GDS commands. Download our 'HH Cheat Sheet' to get all the commands needed in one document. If you require more information, please contact your Sales Manager.

Help Desk Procedure & Contacts

Changes, re-routes, cancellations, refunds, flex passes ...

Download the latest 'Travel Help Desk Procedures' to learn all you need to know about changes, re-routes, cancellations, refunds ...


 Help Desk Working Hours

 Monday to Friday 09.00-17.30 UK Time 
 Saturday 10.00-16.00 UK Time
 Sunday  Closed

 Help Desk Contact Details